Gettng rid of Wood borer beetles

COVID-19 Sanitizing Service

Corona Virus

COVID-19 has caused havoc around the world. Sanitizing and disinfecting are important to protect the health of your employees as well as your customers. With lock down level 4 to be eased into from 1 May 2020 and the other levels to follow subsequently, it is now the time to make offices hygienically clean before the workforce returns. This will show that you care about your employees and will also help flatten the curve.


Sanitizing and disinfecting eliminate viruses, bacteria and germs in commercial areas, food establishments and residential properties. Make sure you clean and protect the health of your staff, customers and yourself against Covid-19. All products are safe to use at food establishments, retirement villages, residential and commercial properties.

Healthcare protection against corona virus

I am currently serving as the Vice-President of the South African Pest Control Association and are ready to help you to fulfil your obligation to your staff and customers alike. Please contact me, Johan Fourie, on 0824971496 to discuss how we can assist you in this regard.

Flatten the curve

We are registered with the Department of Agriculture and are looking forward to helping you. E-mail us at or call us at the above number. Don’t let Covid-19 hamper your business.

Beetle, Electrical and Fumigation Services

If you have concerns about your property regarding electrical safety or a beetle infestation, or if you require a Certificate of Compliance upon the sale of your property, contact us.

If faults, safety issues or any kind of infestation are detected, we will recommend the most appropriate repair or treatment method and provide a quote for our services. A qualified person will, at your convenience, do an inspection and submit a report stating what work needs to be done to the installation to comply with the Code of Practice. We will recommend the most appropriate repair or treatment method and provide a quote for our services. If you accept our quotation, we will promtply proceed with the work. On completion, we will re-evaluate the property and issue the appropriate certification.

Electrical Certification

Helpful Hints

Before we inspect your property, do the following checks:
  • Check all bulbs in light fittings (working and not loose)
  • Check all electricity outlets (sockets) and remove all extension leads
  • Check all wiring in outdoor areas.

Why an Electrical Certificate of Compliance?

The onus has been placed on the homeowner to ensure that the electrical installation in their house does not pose a threat to any person, animal or property. Should an injury or incident occur, the homeowner could be held liable and the insurance of the house could be declared invalid, should you not have a valid C.O.C. in your possession.

Currently a C.O.C. is valid for two (2) years, but should any alteration, addition or modification be done to the electrical installation, an additional certificate will be required. It is therefore essential for the owner to possess a valid Certificate of Compliance that conforms to the latest Code of Practice that is issued by a legitimate company that complies with all the criteria as stipulated by the authorities. Only a qualified electrician with a wireman’s licence accredited by the Department of Labour who is registered with the Electrical Contracting Board of South Africa (E.C.B.) can issue a certificate of compliance.

All our electricians are registered with the E.C.B. You can request the electrician’s registration card issued by the Electrical Contractors Board to ensure that he is currently registered. We will send one of our accredited inspectors to inspect and test your property. If your property passes the inspection, we will issue professional certification for this.

Code of practice

The Code of Practice is amended regularly. Borer Beetle cc works strictly according to the Code and cannot issue a C.O.C. if the installation is not safe as determined by the Code. Appliances such as lights, stoves, airconditioners, geyers, etc., are not covered by the Code of Practice. The C.O.C. covers from the main switch in the distribution board to the point of consumption like light switches, stove, aircon and fridge wall plugs but not the appliance itself, which may not be in a working condition.

Beetle Certification

In the Western Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal, and increasingly in the Eastern Cape, home sellers are generally required to produce a “beetle clearance certificate” stating that the property is free of woodborer beetles, which can destroy woodwork such as roof trusses, floorboards, skirting boards and staircases.

All our beetle inspectors are fully qualified and registered with the Department of Agriculture. We are also a member of the South African Pest Control Association (SAPCA Registration number: GBO300).


Treatment of Harvester Termites

Borer Beetles undertook the treatment of a historical building the Tankwa Karoo which was infested with Harvester Termites. Inside the building, holes were drilled into the clay floors to apply the pesticide. Holes were also dug in the soil surrounding the house to inject the poison.

termite and beetle fumigation termite and beetle pesticides termite and beetle pest control

Evidence of Harvester Termites

In the photos below, the termite mounds and tunnels can be clearly seen.

checking for termite infestation property inspections for borer beetles and termites pest control and fumigation


COVID-19 Sanitizing
Treatment against Borer Beetles
Treatment against Termites
Repairs to electrical faults on commercial and residential properties

Certification (c.o.c.)

Beetle Certificate
Electrical Certificate

Pricing per inspection

Stellenbosch, Paarl, Wellington, Somerset West & Strand:
R700 plus VAT (R105) = R805 per certificate/inspection
Franschhoek, Grabouw:
R800 plus VAT (R120) = R920
R800 plus VAT (R120) = R920
Worcester & Villiersdorp:
R1 900 plus VAT (R285) = R2 185
Robertson/Tulbagh, Ceres:
R2 900 plus VAT (R435) = R3 335
R3 900 plus VAT (R585) = R4 485
All other areas: Price available on request

Gallery of Unwelcome Visitors

Common furniture beetle
Anobium punctatum
(Common furniture beetle)

Powder post beetle
Lyctus Breunneus
(Powder post beetle)

Hylotrupes Bajulus
Hylotrupes Bajulus
(Old-house borer or Longhorn beetle)

Termite fumigation
furniture beetle, termites, powder post beetle
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